Poster details
  • Title

    Martini Torino

  • Artist

    Marcello Dudovich

  • Year

    1950s (later printing)

  • Size in inches

    27.4 x 39.2

  • Size in cm

    70 x 100

  • Price in USD

    222 (instead of 350)


Marcello Dudovich was an Italian painter, illustrator, and poster designer. Together with Leonetto Cappiello, Adolfo Hohenstein, Giovanni Maria Mataloni and Leopoldo Metlicovitz he is considered one of the progenitors of Italian poster design.


Martini is a brand of beverages, mainly alcoholic, which is owned by the multinational company of Italian origin, Martini & Rossi, founded on 1 July 1863 in Turin. Since 1993, it has been part of Bacardi, the world’s third largest producer of alcoholic beverages. The Martini brand is used to sell aperitifs, bitter, and sparkling wines. The brand “Martini” is one of the main symbols of “Made in Italy” and is also famous for its sports (Martini Racing) and cultural sponsorships.

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