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What people say about the book

"When I first saw the book I thought it was too small for posters but there are 704 pages and in fact the book's just the right size for your hand and inside the format works well. Each poster fills the right-hand page and the facing page has some technical details plus Glaser provides some interesting thoughts about the poster, frequently there is some additional visual material, a rough, photo or maybe an historic painting that provided his inspiration. The book's last twenty-five pages has an interesting section with ninety-seven posters from 1966 to 2016, mostly four to a page, that Glaser, with hindsight (and maturity) says he no longer finds completely satisfying.
Milton Glaser designed this handsome book and it will appeal to anyone interested in visual promotion."


"Really cool compilation of his works!"

About the book

Milton Glaser has designed more than 500 posters. Some, like his 1967 Bob Dylan poster for Columbia Records, are icons; others, like the series celebrating "I ♥ New York," evoke his best-known work. Milton Glaser Posters includes more than 400 of them, with Glaser's own commentary describing his intentions and inspiration. It is a delight for the art lover, an education in visual storytelling, and a journey through the cultural life of half a century, all rolled into one compact, intense book.