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What people say about the book

"Amazing! From oldies and most modern posters, great for have a visual data across time. As a graphic design student, I really think this is helpful to get knowledge and see how posters have developed."


"It's book is great. It's filled with more than 500 pages worth of posters that represent some of the most high quality posters that have been made. When I received it, it took me a while to go through it. If you are a fan of posters or make poster in any way this book is a must buy for inspiration and just to enjoy the great posters there are in here. Get it now, you won't regret it."


"This is an excellent compilation that gives me lots of inspiration. I would have liked some more theory, but as a compilation it serves its purposed of inspiring."


"Excellent all color reproductions of the posters on a varied assortment of topics (art, music, commercial etc.). Good source book for graphic arts ideas or inspiration. Short essays on specific aspects of poster design but this is at heart pictorial book."


"The book it's a great selection of amazing posters from all times. A small and beautiful book with a very nice picture quality."


"The paper weight is very low, which leaves the impression of a face shine on the back. That plus the weight of the book makes handling difficult. Most posters are represented in very small size making it difficult to view details. Definitely very different from other design books with which I am accustomed. Do not say it's a bad book, but certainly not good. I was disappointed."

About the book

For more than ten thousand years we have felt the need to express ourselves with writing and drawing. Since the Neolithic period, we have communicated not only through gestures and sound but also by means of a visual language. Worldwide, hunters and gatherers and later early farmers made use of information systems to advertise services and products. It was also a way of maintaining facts and data. From the beginning visual language was highly important and is still relevant today.


Looking back on the last hundred and thirty years of poster design, the initial development of the poster usually included typography and the use of some type of illustration, and the purpose of the poster has always been to deliver a message. A simple, practical medium requiring paper, ink, and an idea, the poster has remained essentially unchanged from the industrial revolution until today.


All people are limited in their ability to process information and acclimate to innovation, and the speed of change has increased exponentially in the globalized world that we live in today. Making efficient use of the new media available helps to develop and stimulate the creative process, and with the new technology designers' roles have changed. Project execution has become one of multiple roles; the designer must be able to simultaneously serve as content manager, designer, typographer, illustrator, and photographer. There are increasing demands for the designer to be involved in all aspects of the work.


The digital era has transformed the world of communication, design, and typography, with breathtaking advances in recent decades. Technology's impact on poster design and the ways in which contemporary designers are harnessing the visual language of the past to satisfy the needs of the present and future are evident in this selection of 1,000 posters.