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What people say about the book

"This is a FANTASTIC book. If you are a Cappiello fan, you simply must own this. It's so comprehensive, filled with posters I'd never seen before - and I thought I'd seen just about all of them! I couldn't be more delighted with the book."


"Great book, has a ton of beautiful photos of the artist. It also explains what each poster means. Most are in French or Italian and it helps because they are 100 years old in some cases."


"This book is very well written, with comparisons to other artist at the time, it also tells you a lot about cappiello as a person and how he thinks, the pictures in this book is amazing!"


"If you are a fan of Cappiello, then this is the definitive book for you. All of his incredible output is beautifully catalogued and pictured in this definitive work."


"This book is simply amazing - it has such a great showing of Leonetto Cappiello's work and it is beautiful to look at. If you are interested in posters (or any art or design for that matter) you will love this book."

About the book

Leonetto Cappiello is the Father of the Modern Poster.


Not that the Italian-born artist didn't have his stylistic precursors, but his entirely original approach to portraying the advertising message elevated him into an utterly unique promotional and artistic strata. With his penchant for contagious exuberance and intoxicating overstatement, as well as the technique of utilizing strong, flat colors against dark backgrounds, Cappiello shocked, surprised and moved the viewer; he arrested the attention of the passerby with incongruity, and as a result, effectively etched an image into their mind's eye. He created an entirely new advertising vocabulary and his posters can be said to be fantastic—in a completely literal sense.

Active in Paris for forty years, Cappiello's irrepressible zest gave his posters a commanding presence on every kiosk and wall they graced. And that visionary fervor appeals to the modern-day viewer as much as it did to Belle Epoque pedestrians. As a result, Cappiello is the most popular posterist in America today. His imagery is so engaging that more contemporary homes and offices display his works—both originals and reproductions—than the creations of any other single poster artist. This publication amply demonstrates exactly why that is the case.


This is the largest collection of Cappiello's work ever presented—534 poster illustrations in full-color—as well as the most authoritative. Detailed appraisals and annotations accompany each poster, including an introduction that provides the reader with biographical information and an additional 50 color illustrations that show the many other facets of Cappiello's talent—from book and magazine illustrations, to paintings, maquettes, postcards and, most of all, his superb early caricatures.